[Sticky] Club Training Camp Discussion  


Emily Hanekroot
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04/08/2017 7:39 am  

Hi Everyone,

At our August meeting we discussed getting a training camp up and running again and the possible locations. The two options we decided on were:

Jindabyne/Kalkite- NSW

Bright- Victoria

These were both considered great options as they are similar distance away, provide flat and mountain training options, road and mtb routes and a variety of accommodation and food.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but rather than me direct the conversation in any way, we would love to hear member thoughts on this.

The aim would be to position the training camp a few weeks before a big event like the masters state champs or masters nationals, to benefit the majority of the current racing members (Masters riders) but obviously everyone is welcome and would benefit from the training we will do and the good times we will have 🙂

We aim to have a decision on Camp dates and Location by September 1st

Let us hear your opinion and get the ball rolling!