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Emily Hanekroot
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21/07/2017 7:08 pm  

Hi Ladies,

This training group has purely grown out of a group of the girls in the club wanting to do some road riding in a safe place regularly. So a thanks to them for allowing us to tag onto that and make it an official club training option for other ladies looking for riding friends.

We generally start at 6am, and go for an hour. 

What we do for training is decided on the day by those who come. Usually mixing it up with:

- Paceline

- Long and short Sprints

- Just ridings and chatting

- Specific skills training like weaving, touching wheels, one handed riding and pick ups etc)

If you're not a confident rider yet Emily will do some one on one training with you to get your skills and strength up.

Usually we follow with coffee up in Sutherland.


You need lights, front and back as though the track lights are on, its usually still too dark.

A rear light helps other users of the track see you up ahead.

Emily Hanekroot is the contact for this ride 0431060797 (But not necessarily there every week)

Hope to see you there, post if you plan on coming this coming week!