Tuesday Training Description  


Emily Hanekroot
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21/07/2017 7:22 pm  

Tuesday Track training 6-7pm weekly

This is a group training session practicing rolling turns in a paceline.

This is an all abilities training ride and the ride leaders present will dictate the appropriate pace and running of the group.

Format is 10 laps, 3 sets.

Every lap the paceline leader will roll off on the line and the next rider take over. The pace will start moderate (moderate C grade pace) and become increasingly faster. The last lap is a sprint to the line (after the last corner).

This allows for all grades to be included and enjoy a good training session. 

Slower riders will have the opportunity to be pushed in their training, Faster riders will have the opportunity to ride with an awareness of those riding with them and contribute to the group pace. This training is an important part of group riding and especially important in Team Time Trials.

 If you have haven't ridden in a large bunch much before this is a good place to start to learn the important skills associated with bunch riding. You will meet experienced ride leaders who can teach you the finer details of group riding in a safe environment.

Wear club kit if possible, Bring lights, be prepared to adjust your riding to the group present.