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I have been a member of the club for almost 6 years. In that time I have gone from being pushed home on my first Sunday bunch ride by John Peters, to racing against the worlds best at Australia’s international level races. Becoming president is a pretty special way to contribute to my club after such a journey.

I’d like to acknowledge all the hard work our former president Luke Dale has done over the last 3 years and thank him for leading the club and giving up so much of his time. I look forward to seeing Luke back on the bike a lot more!

Although the list of points made in my nominee letter was long, My most important is that we need to see all members contribute to the club. Without involvement from members we are simply going to fall behind.

We have all joined a cycling club so that we can enjoy the ride with like minded people. A cycling club not only gives us a group to ride with, but its a place to meet new people, to challenge one another, to learn from each other.

In the coming weeks we will be making an effort to reboot some of our traditional regular club rides and training sessions with nominated ride leaders. As well as launching rides for groups we don’t yet cater for.

It would be fantastic if everyone who can would choose one of these club events and come and join us in riding together as a club.

Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know and find out how they got there.

Proudly wear your club kit at weekend bunch rides and represent the club in the wider community.

Following this there are many different initiatives the committee would like to begin work on and we will be calling for your expertise and enthusiasm to help get things rolling.

All we need from the membership is that this month choose one club ride a week and attend!

After all, we’re here because we love to ride!

  • Tuesday morning ladies bunch, 6am at the track Whatever we feel like on the day! Ride Leader: Emily Hanekroot
  • Tuesday night paceline 6pm at the track Ride Leader:
  • Saturday social ride 6.30am meet at clubhouse, appr. 20-25km/hr, to kurnell or waterfall followed by coffee in Sutherland Ride Leader:
  • Sunday club bunches (returning together as a club)
  • 6.30am Park ride half park, high pace A grade ride Ride Leader:
  • 8am bunch high pace with park bunch, straight into city, minimal hills, meet at sutherland 7 eleven Ride Leader:
  • 7am Club ride- traditional club city ride, hilly, moderate pace approx 90km total, meet at Caringbah hotel on the kingsway Ride Leader: Michael Hawkes


All three meet at centennial park to return together at the pace of the slower riders.

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